Naked Skatelife has a wide selection of longboards for beginners and professionel. We design our longboards in 3D programs which results in the most professionel longboards you can ever think of!

Naked Deluxe series:

Only the finest! Naked Deluxe series contains a spectra of specially selected longboards. In this collection we have chosen a longboard from each longboarding discipline. Over the last years we have redesigned and worked hard on every single detail of these specific longboards.
The boards are designed in a 3D program. This gives us the best opportunities to redesign and it gives you the absolutely best longboard!

Each veneer of maple, bamboo, glass fiber and carbon sheet is carefully selected by one of our passionated skaters. The deluxe hardware series is reliable and strong. Your Deluxe longboard is not just a simple longboard. It’s a longboard created with love for the sport and every little detail is in your favor.

Naked Pro series:

Reliable and strong! Naked Pro series is a series of longboards that fulfill every longboarder's dream. The boards in this collection is designed to the longboarder with high expectation. The longboards in this collection is the best value for the money. Every deck sandwich is well designed and we tried to come up with a construction that favors both durability, flex and high value for money.

The boards are designed in a 3D program. This gives us the best opportunities to redesign and it gives you the absolutely best longboard!

Naked Fundamental seires:

Entry level longboards. The longboards from the Fundamental series is designed to get you riding a longboard as fast and secure as possible. We have chosen a wide collection of longboards to fit your needs for your first longboard.