Andreas Moeslund

"No doubt I'm a longboarder. Right now I'm traveling the world to find new adventures and meet people. When it comes to longboarding I'm doing best in the freeride discipline but I love to skate the pool when I have the opportunity." Moselund brings his skateboard or longboard with me wherever he goes.
When I started skating:
"I have been skating since I was a little boy. I got into the sport when we were some boys who were pushing each other to drive faster down the steepest hill we could find. Today I'm better off enjoying slides and bumping tricks on the local hill."

I love being part of the community and I'm very pleased that NKD sports show me the confidence to listen to my crazy ideas and improvements to our longboards.

Nikolaj Holmlund

” I’m the type of skater who doesn’t care if I it seems like I can’t land a trick. I’ll try until I succeed.”
Nikolaj have been with NKD sports since the beginning. He is always up to something new and creative. Besides he is a very talented skateboarder, he is also giving imputes to different graphics and shape styles.

“I’m always curios about everything - who my friends are dating, what the other skateboards hit in the skatepark when I was gone and how to design and use advanced programs to make our skateboards and longboard even better”

Nikolaj Holmlund is currently using NKS Blue Eye Skateboard. It has perfect soft wheels for street skating.

Emely Freja

Meet Emely. She is one of the few girls on the team, and we love to have her hanging around. She is ready for adventures, and right now she is travelling in the south of America.
Emely is longboarding, and reminds us that our longboards must fit both men and women. She is not the longboarder who seeks extreme speeds, but she likes to be stylish with her longboards. She is really good when it comes to dancing on a longboard. She has a feminine aura and style about her.

Emely’s faverite longboard is NKD London Longboard– but she also likes to cruise on the NKD Tokyo Longboard.

Benjamin Nygaard

Benjamin is one of our scooter riders. He is pushing our products to the limit when he smashes obstacles around the town. He is the type that goes 100% for a trick, and gets knocked out when he fails. When he lands the tricks, we are all speechless.

“I love riding for NKD sport! Nomatter if we are doing SKATE in the brakes or working overtime, we are having fun together. It is important for me that we keep the best atmosphere and mood when we are together, in this way we’ll keep loving scooters and skate for a looooong time.”

He is also helping with some of the modeling of 3D scooters. For a long time he was riding NKD Diesel scooter but currently he is riding the NKD Nitro V3 scooter because it is a little higher.